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So this is just a little quick update for folks.

I am currently 50% done with the next installment for my "Wicked Affection" story. The format is going to be different from this point on; it's not going to be a fan comic but you will still get illustrations along with writing. It'll play more to my strengths, make it a little bit easier for my to do bi weekly updates of each chapter and it won't make my burn out. I'll still be offering early access to each chapter for people who want to support me on Patreon.

SECONDLY: I am reopening my commissions.I'm reworking my prices and what I'm offering but you'll be seeing new info about it probably by next month. Things a little hectic right now but they'll start to clear up for me around next month. Sorry for going dormant on DeviantArt again but I'm trying my damnest not to do that anymore and I am NOT abandoning my ROTG project. I really want to see this come to fruition.
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